We love maintaining and improving existing code.

(Yes, really.)
Old Code. New Tricks.

Developers Who Love Modernizing Code

Legacy code is fun? The team at Corgibytes thinks so. As a boutique software consultancy, we focus exclusively on modernizing codebases, championing the idea of “software remodeling” as a way to save money over performing a complete re-write.

If you have an existing software application, whether it’s four months old or forty years old, the team at Corgibytes can help you continuously improve it.

Software Remodeling

Software Remodeling Saves Money

Remodeling an existing software application will almost always be cheaper than throwing away your code and starting from scratch. The challenge is finding experienced software developers who love nurturing existing codebases. Lucky for you, you’re reading this website, so you know where to find them.

Seriously. Refactoring, testing, integrating into bizarre proprietary systems, and solving complex problems brings us an immense amount of joy.

Any Language. Any Platform. Any Framework.

Development In Any Language, Platform, or Framework

Many developer shops limit themselves to a single language. We don’t. Software is always evolving and with complex systems it takes a variety of tools to get the job done. Because we have the best developers, we can develop in even the most obscure languages, platforms, and frameworks.

Need to put ruby on a forty-year old mainframe? We’ve done it. And chances are, we can solve your problem, too.

Software Remodeling for Your Application

Code Inspections

Want a detached and objective analysis of your codebase? We've got you covered. Get strategic insight into which development tasks will yield the biggest results for your business. After our deep dive, we'll give you a report that everyone on your team can understand. It's a valuable asset for budgets and product roadmaps.

"Well written. Good analysis. Definitely worth the money."

Rachel Nienaber
VP of Engineering
Currency Cloud

Remote Development

Need an experienced software developer to dive in and get their hands dirty on your code? Look no further. You can purchase time in two-week blocks or fund a retainer for ongoing help. Before we dive into any codebase, we'll do a Code Inspection first, and all projects are scheduled on a first-paid, first-served basis.

"Corgibytes seamlessly contributed to the workflow."

Paul Watson
Co-Founder & COO

Interim CTO

Whether you're a startup who hasn't found your executive technical yet, or a CEO who is between hires, we can help you bridge the gap. We can perform the functions of a CTO either part or full time, help you connect technical and strategic decisions, and even work with you to scout, interview, assess, and hire our replacement.

"Corgibytes was a joy to work with!"

Jody Clower
Founder & CEO

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