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With our friends at LinkedIn Learning, we've created several online courses that share our insight and philosophy about building software. Learn how our empathy-focused approach can help you get traction on your software remodeling projects. (Note: when you use one of the following affiliate links Corgibytes will be compensated.)

Agile Software Development: Creating an Agile Culture

By Andrea Goulet

Our Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Andrea Goulet, explains how to build agility into the heart of your organization and cultivate an agile mindset on both a team and individual level.

Agile Software Development: Remote Teams

By Andrea Goulet

Corgibytes’ own Andrea Goulet provides a detailed overview of how to structure a remote team that follows Agile software development practices.

Agile Software Development: Dealing with Legacy Code and Technical Debt

By M. Scott Ford

Corgibytes’ Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, M. Scott Ford, shares how to transform a legacy code base that’s riddled with technical debt into one that is cleaner and easier to work with.

Agile Software Development: Code Quality

By M. Scott Ford

M. Scott Ford takes a deep dive into several different code quality metrics and the tools that can be used to collect them.

Agile Software Development: Clean Coding Practices

By M. Scott Ford

Follow along as our own M. Scott Ford walks you through clean coding practices that you can utilize to keep your projects tidy.