Joining the Corgibytes Team

We Start With Some Conversations

Sweet! You’ve applied for a job at Corgibytes. That’s awesome. We’re sure you’re a wonderful person and we’re thrilled you reached out. We get a ton of resumes (who knew so many people liked working on legacy code?) so here’s a peek behind the digital curtain so you can see our hiring process.

As you go through this, it’s probably going to seem like a lot of steps. We want to make sure the people who come on board at Corgibytes have a good sense of what they’re signing on for. We know that the best people are interviewing us as much as we’re interviewing them. Since we’ve implemented this process, we’ve had a lot of success with our hiring. Good relationships take time to build. And it all starts with a conversation.

Cultural Interview

The first person you’ll be interviewing with is Andrea, our CEO. As a small team, making sure all of our hires are the best fit for our culture is our top priority. Here are some questions she likes to ask:

  1. Who’s someone that inspires you?
  2. Which book most influenced your career?
  3. How do you handle conflict?
  4. What’s your opinion of meetings?
  5. What’s a project that you’re proud of?

Andrea combs through every application we get personally. She travels frequently and her email gets bogged down sometimes. If you don’t get an immediate reply, we totally understand how frustrating that is. She tends to batch emails and reach out to people every few weeks. Also, if you’ve flat out not read our website, she’ll probably archive your email without reaching out. No hard feelings, but we’ve tried to be as explicit as possible on what we’re looking for. Our philosophy is that your job will be combing through obscure documentation, so if you can’t read the directions we’ve laid out for you, you’re probably not a good fit. Chances are though, if you’re reading this section, you’re the kind of person who dives into the details and cares about getting things right.

Technical Interview

Regardless of your position, you’ll be asked to participate in a technical interview with one of our Lead Code Whisperers. If you’re applying to be a Senior or Lead Code Whisperer, you’ll chat with Scott, our CTO. In this conversation, we’ll talk about what types of projects you enjoy working on and whether you’re a Maker or a Mender.

Peer Interview

At Corgibytes, we view hiring as a team endeavor. It’s not just upper management who have a say in who comes on board — we like to make sure you’ll get a chance to get to know at least two other people you’ll be interacting with on a daily basis.

Let's Interact and See You Work

Slack Channel

Having a good conversation on Skype is one thing, but you never really get to know someone until you get a chance to interact with them over a longer period of time. Plus, we want to make sure you like working with us, too. :)

Slack is a group chat app that we use as our main tool for communicating throughout the day. Once you pass your technical pairing, we’ll send you an invitation to chat with us on Slack. We’re an asynchronous team, so the idea is that you should be able to participate without disrupting your normal routine. We’d also suggest downloading some of their apps to make it easier to stay connected:

So what should you talk about? We hope you’ll share enough so we get to know you and your communication style. The minimum we’re looking for is: 

  1. Say hi and introduce yourself.
  2. Share an article you’ve read recently.
  3. Share a tool that makes you more productive.
  4. Use an animated gif or emoji that shows how you’re feeling.
  5. Post a picture of where you’re working from.
  6. Ask an interesting question to the team.

Pair Programming

Now it’s time to see your coding abilities in action. We’ll use ScreenHero, which is part of Slack, to set up a pairing session to see how you work.

If you’re applying for a position where more than 50% of your role will be interacting with code, we’ll use For the first thirty minutes, we’ll code in the language of your choice to see how comfortable you are. Then, we’ll pick a language you’re not so familiar with. Here at Corgibytes, we look for developers who get energized by learning something new.

For positions that are less than 50% coding, we’ll use FreeCodeCamp. It’s okay if you’ve never coded before. This site is designed for absolute beginners. We care about your attitude and whether or not you’re willing to learn.  

We Vote for Candidates as a Team

Once you’ve completed your interviews and we’ve had a chance to interact with you, our team will vote on which candidate we should bring on. While we’d love to hire everyone, we have business constraints which means we won’t be able to bring on every candidate we interview. This is by far the hardest part for us, but even if it’s not a good fit, our hope is you’ll have learned something along the way and we’ll have parted as friends.

Your First 90 Days

Woo hoo! We think you’ll make a great addition to our team. So we’ll get you up and running quickly as a contract employee. This allows us to put you on a project and see how we’ll work together for the long run. It also lets us establish a good benchmark for which salary band you’ll start out in. It’s not uncommon for someone to start out as a Senior but then we see how awesome they are and they get promoted to a Lead when we bring them on as an employee.

How do we calculate your hourly rate during this contract period? We take your predicted salary, divide it by 1920 (48 weeks/year at 40 hours per week - we assume you’d take 4 weeks per year off) and add 30% to compensate for contractor expenses (using your own equipment, paying your own health insurance, etc.)

So here’s a look at how those calculations play out:

  • Lead - $110K/year = $74.48/hour
  • Senior - $90K/year = $60.94/hour

Employee and Employer Code Merrily Along; An Offer Is Made

w00t! After three months of getting to know each other, we’ll have a good sense of whether or not this is going to work for the long term. If we’re not a good fit for you, we get it. But hopefully you’ve been challenged by learning something new and energized by your amazing team. If this is the case, we’ll make you an offer with a salary based on what we’ve observed during your trial period.

Thanks for reading this! If you have any questions at all about the process, hit us up.