tag: empathy driven development

  • Empathy System Architecture
    APR 18, 2022 Written by Andrea Goulet

    Using Empathy System Architecture, we can map out the fundamental skills required for effective empathy. Software System Architecture helps us identify the fundamental structures and relationships within a software system. Empathy can be approached the same way.

  • Our Brains are Like Software, Not Hardware
    OCT 12, 2021 Written by Andrea Goulet

    Instead of thinking of the brain as hardware, it might be more useful to think of it as software.

  • Defining Empathy Is Like Nailing Jell-O to a Wall
    SEP 14, 2021 Written by Andrea Goulet

    I thought I understood empathy...until I started writing a book about it. Chances are, empathy doesn't mean what you think it means, either.

  • Ultimatums, Edge Cases, and Basecamp
    MAY 3, 2021 Written by Andrea Goulet

    A few days ago, Basecamp announced some changes to their organization. Since we've publicly shared that some of Basecamp's books and philosophies have influenced the Corgibytes culture, we feel it is necessary to share our dissent on some of their recent decisions, particularly around their policy of "no more societal and political discussions" at work.

  • Empathy-Driven Development Defined
    JAN 12, 2021 Written by Andrea Goulet

    Empathy is an important technical skill that can drive the decisions developers make when they code. How can we make the practice of applying empathy throughout a codebase concrete? It starts with defining the practice.